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Severcart - free, friendly and elegant program to manageMoving cartridges. It will be a good tool for tracking,Systematizing and providing access to information about the cartridgesUsed in laser and color printers from different manufacturers.


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Oct. 30, 2017

Release 1.6.1

Aug. 14, 2017

Release 1.2.0

Aug. 3, 2017

Release 1.1.4

Costs of consumables for office equipment, especially in large companies, can be quite substantial. A variety of printers, copiers, multifunction devices, fax requires constant monitoring to maintain the operating status of the devices. In order to optimize costs and analyze the status of supplies and equipment, we offer the use of Severcart program.

What is the program Severcart

In order to save money, most companies use the services of refueling cartridges. The variety of equipment from different manufacturers is often difficult accounting of consumables. Severcart program can greatly facilitate this task. With views over the possible achievement of the following objectives:

  1. Monitoring of the availability of supplies. Taking into account operation      and the movement starting from the date of purchase to retirement.
  2. Accounting supplies. This feature allows you to track the presence of all the purchased cartridges, install the battery life, time to identify the waste material.
  3. Individual registration of cartridges, and it will cost.
  4. Determination of the service life of consumables and period of use.
  5. Generatsiya statistical and reporting information about stored objects.

As monitored

Severcart program allows you to track the movement of supplies to each equipment. The generated reports provide information about the availability of supplies for the whole company and for each user individually.

At the heart of the program - the creation of information for each cartridge separately. These include individual material number, number of refills, the date of receipt to the warehouse and handing over for use, also fixed period of work materials and return. Through the program, analysis of accounting and office equipment cartridges carried out online for printers.

Severcart program is easy to use, requires no special skills to use. The program interface without additional frills will request a minimum time for the study contributes to quick start tracking the status of supplies for office equipment.

If necessary, the program allows you to add comments and record the information separately for each inventory, availability.

Features Severcart

Presented Severcart software is easy to use, but at the same time allows for the following operations:

  • Processing the information available for each cartridge (current status, the number of gas stations, the use of the department).

  • Ability to describe the performance and technical features separately for each material.

  • Control of the number of perezapravok cartridges.
  • Compatible with barcode scanners.
  • Ability to make an unlimited number of objects.
  • Formation of the documents to transfer contractors required during filling.
  • Monitoring of supply contracts in respect of each cartridge.
  • The presence of multi-level use of the system with access rights.
  • Preparation of reports based on the data obtained.

Update platform is carried out by downloading new versions that are in the public domain.

Benefits Severcart

Using Severcart program not only allows you to keep records of supplies for office equipment, but also gives the opportunity to review the status of each ink cartridge separately.

Compared with other analogue software, Severcart - free Russified platform with a convenient web-interface. Multi-level system with limited use of access rights ensures the accuracy of the information for the interested parties. Timely update resolves Severcart generate documents for both internal use and for sharing with suppliers.

Take advantage Severcart use when working on accounting supplies. Software Installation does not require any special skills, the program is completely ready to use. After entering all the required data users are able to track the movement and the presence and condition of existing cartridges. Thus with Severcart program can no longer fear for the smooth operation of office equipment.