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Release 1.6.1

Oct. 30, 2017

The main changes in the release.

  1. Improved usability page structure of premises. When performing page navigation, the page does not reload. Added a search filter for the name of the room.

  2. Implemented the clickability of hyperlinks on the dashboard to improve navigation.

  3. Implemented the possibility of returning the cartridge to blank printers from the tab page.

  4. Added the ability to specify the color of the cartridge in the directory of the names of consumables.

  5. Improved the usability of the search. In the result rows, icons with actions appeared.

  6. Implemented the ability to upload images to the server through the action to add a comment. Can be useful for Load images with malfunctions when printing a cartridge.

  7. Improved page / Directories / User management. There was an opportunity to search in a database of the user on a field Name, login, email, premises. Pagination navigation is implemented without reloading the page.