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Relice 1.10.0

Feb. 8, 2018

List of changes:

  1. Changed the mechanism for transferring the printer and other printing devices to use. User selection is now optional. It is enough to choose a new destination.

  2. A new realization of the possibility of returning the printing equipment from the repair.

  3. Added the ability to track the number of pages printed by the cartridge and other sources. Details of fixing the printed pages are presented in the video.

  4. Added new configuration parameter "Move cartridge to empty when adding a complaint".

  5. Lots of bug fixes.

  6. When you add, move, capitalize the cartridges and printers is fixed in associating events with objects in the current room assignment.

  7. Updating the Django 1.11.10 development platform and the mechanism for storing tree data structures in the django-mptt database to version 0.9.0.