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After several months of development, a new release of the program Severcart 0.4.0

Sept. 27, 2016

Release based on user requests for improvements in the product.

New features:

  • Support print labels with QR codes. Users now have the choice of two modes of printing stickers.

setting formats of labels

  • An example of the stickers for the cartridge, generated by program

example stickers QR code

  • Added the ability to manually set a unique number of consumables, adding it to the warehouse in the lists of new or spent. The ability is activated by switching the toggle switch to "Manual entry numbers."

Manual enter the number of consumables

The automatic assignment of new numbers also left.

  • Added new pages and routines for the integration program with manual bar code scanners (SHK). Now you can add a new, empty, transfer the cartridges to service and return to the warehouse by using scanners SHK.

Adding a new RM with bar code scanning

Adding objects to the warehouse with barcode scanner

Add empty or exhausted objects in the warehouse with barcode scanner

The return of the RM on the stock with refills with a barcode scanner

In actual tests, I have been working with the barcode scanner Symbol DS6707 well, has docked with the program and showed significant acceleration of interaction with the program. In practice, other scanners support the mode of operation of the virtual keyboard.