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The release of 0.9.1

March 21, 2017

Key changes in the app.

  • Added ability to change the number of reloads of cartridges in the tab of "Filled" and "Empty"

  • Added pagination to users in the "/ References / User management"

  • Reworked the display of a tree of organizational units.

  • Implemented a new mechanism of differentiation of access rights to different features of the application based on user groups. You can now create/edit groups and add users to them.

  • Added the ability to dynamically load information about the user (group membership, the resulting access rights)

  • Added reference catalog of producers, now every name of the cartridge you can identify the manufacturer

  • Added the possibility to upload lists of cartridges with the group of remaining warehouses in the tabs of "Filled" and "Empty"

  • Bug fixes

  • In the print settings labels added option to print or not the manufacturer of the consumable.

  • Multiple stylistic improvements

All changes can test on a special demo website