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Installation on MS Windows XP/7/8/10

Before installing, you must ensure the free TCP ports 80 and 5432.

1. The downloadable installation file of the latest release from the website www.severcart.org.

2. Run the installer. Select the installation language. Click «Ok»

3. Select the destination directory of the application. It is recommended to leave as is and click «Next >».

4. This starts the process of extracting files. Wait for its completion.

5. In the extraction process, a window will appear library install MV C++ 2010 x86. Select the checkbox «I have read and accept the terms.». Click on the «Install» button.

6. After finishing installation process click on «Finish» button.

7. Next, the installation wizard will inform on the completion of the installation process.

8. To check the correctness of installation of the application open the page in the browser. If You are prompted to enter a username and password, then the installation completed successfully.

9. The application Severcart requires djangostackApache and djangostackPostgreSQL. To manage these services through equipments Services.

The username and password to log into the interface of the application is: admin/admin. After the installation the username and password is recommended to change.

If installing on Windows XP, then after installing the app to restart the computer.


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