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What is needed?

In organizations and firms that operate a large number of different printing technology, such as printers, multifunctional devices, Fax and copy machines, there is an urgent need in monitoring the movement of the cartridges, their timely purchase of contractors. The situation will complicate a large variety of different devices from different manufacturers, a cartridge which is incompatible.

This program provides the following options:

  • Storing service information for each of the cartridge (date of receipt at the warehouse, information about current and previous owners, number of reloads, etc.).
  • The ability to add text comments to each individual cartridge characteristic defects, defects in printing and breakage.
  • Park inventory of printing devices (printers, plotters, machines) and monitor their status.
  • Support for hierarchical organizations with a tree structure.
  • Binding of cartridges, printers with geographical areas (buildings, premises, offices, floors,…).
  • Multi-user system with a clear mechanism of differentiation of access rights.
  • Generation of statistical and accounting information about stored objects.
  • The client-server architecture. Access is via the HTTP protocol, so to use the program from any device connected to the network with a browser. It is also possible to install the program on your hosting.
  • Automatic generation of documents transmission to the gas station contractors.
  • Binding supply agreements with each cartridge.
  • Generation of reports in MS Excel about the availability of cartridges in stock, in use, to the basket and at the gas station.

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